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Who Invented Xerography or Dry Writing

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The Credit of Inventing the process of electrophotography or xerography or dry writing goes to an American inventor Mr. Chester Floyd Carlson. The xerography is the same process which we use to copy our pages and call it as Xerox. Its name is xerography or dry writing because it makes copies without using ink. He got a patent of his invention on October 6, 1942.

Mr. Chester Floyd Carlson marketed his device to more than 20 companies but no one shown interest in his invention. But in the end The Haloid Company (Now known as Xerox Corporation) marketed it. The first device recognizable as a modern photocopier was the Xerox 914. In 1961, because of the success of the Xerox 914, the company changed its name again, to Xerox Corporation.


He was born on February 8, 1906 in Seattle, Washington and died on September 19, 1968 in Rochester, New York. He has the US patent #2,297,691 on October 6, 1942 for Electrophotography
In 1981 Carlson was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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