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Who Invented Tin Cans

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The first patent for the idea of preserving food using tin(Patent No 3372) cans was granted to a British merchant of Hoxton Square, Middlesex, United Kingdom, Peter Durand on
August 25, 1810 by King George III of England. Tin cans used for preserving animal food, vegetable food and other perishable articles.  The preservation procedure was to fill up
a vessel with food and cap it.  The cap was to be partly open during the whole heating and cooling procedure, but right after that, the vessel should be sealed airtight by any
means, such as a cork plug, a screw-cap with a rubber seal, cementing, etc.

Mr. Peter never took the credit alone. He mentioned that the invention was communicated to him more than a year ago by a friend abroad. Durand was clearly suspicious of the
invention. However, having a curious mind, he performed a thorough test of it by himself, sealing meat, soups and milk, and boiling them as described. Durand was first to
preserve items in tin cans, before that  glass vessels were used in doing so.

 He sold his patent in 1812 to two other Englishmen, Bryan Donkin and John Hall, for 1,000 British pounds.  In 1813, John Hall and Bryan Dorkin opened the first commercial
canning factory in England. In 1846, Henry Evans invents a machine that can manufacture tin cans at a rate of sixty per hour. An significant increase over the previous rate of only
six per hour.

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