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Who Invented Popcorn

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Popcorn is a type of corn that puffs up when heated. According to various theories, exact inventor of popcorn is still not known but evidence of popcorn found in Peru takes up back to as early as 4700 BC. In one other discovery evidence of popcorn from 3600 BCE was found in New Mexico too.Corn pollen was found two hundred feet below where the site of Mexico City sits today. The oldest ear of popcorn was seen in a bat cave in New Mexico. According to reports, this ear was found to be around four thousand years old.


Native American were also credited for the invention of popcorns and americans have literally been snacking on popcorn for centuries. A Europeon who came to America in the 16th and 17th centuries learned about popcorn from the Native Americans.

During WWII, popcorn became an extremely patriotic snack because sugar was rationed. popcorn remained a popular snack throughout the rest of the twentieth century in America.

Today we are enjoying natural, salted or buttered popcorn with various other flavors added. This makes popcorn included among the most versatile treats around.

Depending on how it is prepared and cooked, some consider it to be a health food while American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not serving to children under four, because of the risk of choking. The world's largest popcorn ball was unveiled in October 2006 in Lake Forest, Illinois. It weighed 3,415 pounds, measured 8 feet in diameter, and had a circumference of 24.6 feet

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