The credit of Pepsi-Cola invention goes to Caleb Davis Bradham of USA. Pepsi which initially known as the Brad's Drink. It was invented on August 28, 1898. The drink was later re-named to Pepsi-Cola on June 16, 1903, then to Pepsi in 1961. Mr. Bradham named his drink after a combination of the terms “pepsin” and “cola” as he believed that his drink aided digestion much like the pepsin enzyme does.

Mr. Caleb Davis Bradham was born on May 27, 1867 in Chinquapin, Duplin County, North Carolina, USA. He graduated from the University of North Carolina and attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

He started his career as a public school teacher but after 1 year, he opened a drug store in New Bern named the "Bradham Drug Company". He invented the Pepsi-Cola in his own drug store. His assistant James Henry King was the first to taste the new drink.

On December 24, 1902, the Pepsi-Cola Company was incorporated in North Carolina and on June 16, 1903 the first Pepsi-Cola trademark was registered. In 1926, Pepsi received its first logo redesign since the original design of 1905. In 1909, automobile race pioneer Barney Oldfield was the first celebrity to endorse Pepsi-Cola, describing it as "A bully drink...refreshing, invigorating, a fine bracer before a race."

In addition to running his drug store, he served as the president of the People’s Bank of New Bern, and was a chairman of the Craven County Board of Commissioners. On May 31, 1923, Bradham and his Pepsi-Cola Company declared bankruptcy. The assets of his company were sold to the Craven Holding Company for $35,000.

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