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Who Invented the Electric Pressing Iron

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Born on July 2, 1854 at Richville, Kentucky,USA, Henry W. Seely patented the electric pressing iron In June 6,1882.  It was known as the Electric Flatironat that time. After inventing their first iron she worked with his partner, Dyer, to patent a different "electric flat iron" in 1883. They invented a sort of "cordless" iron, on a stand heated by electricity. The iron took a long time to get heated also also was very heavy too.  Henry W. Seely died on November 9 1908 at Shermer, Rhode Island.

Metal pans filled with hot water were used for smoothing fabrics in China in the 1st century BC. A later design consisted of an iron box which could be filled with hot coals, which had to be periodically aerated by attaching a bellows.After the invention of electric iron by Henry W. Seely, other electric irons had also been invented, including one from France (1882), but it used a carbon arc to heat the iron, a method which was dangerous.

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