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Who Invented Digital Clock

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         A digital clock is a type of clock that displays the time digitally. It is often associated with electronic drives that the "digital description refers only to the display, not to the drive mechanisms. The biggest digital alarm clock designed by Horst H. Baumann is the LICHTZEITPEGEL (means light time level) on the television tower Reinthurg Dusseldorff in Germany.

        Josef Palweber
, a Swiss time piece maker born in Salsburg Austria, created and produced the first mechanic-digital clock model in 1956. But there is no source to prove that alone made it. Other claims are also there. Peter Petroff ( Bulgarian-American inventor) is a person who helped in developing the world's first digital watch. The earliest patents for digital clock were held in the United States by D. E. Protzman and others. They have a patent for digital alarm clock on October 23, 1956. D. E. Protzman and his associates also patented another clock in 1970, which was said to use a minimal amount of moving parts. Two side-plates hold digital numerals between them, while an electronic motor and cam gear outside controlled movement.

Digital clocks typically use the 50 or 60 hertz oscillation of AC power or a 32,768 hertz crystal oscillator as in a quartz clock to keep time. Most digital clocks display the hour of the day in 24 hour format,  in the United States and a few other countries, a more commonly used hour sequence option is 12 hour format. To represent the time, most digital clocks use a seven-segment LED, VFD, or LCD display for each of four digits.

Brief History:
 Perhaps the earliest digital time piece were Plato clocks. The spring-wound pieces of a glass cylinder with a column inside, affixed to which were small digital cards with numbers printed on them, which flipped as time passed. The Plato Clocks were introduced at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904, produced by Ansonia Clock Company. Eugene Fitch of New York patented the clock design in 1903.

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