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BriskInfo India General Knowledge GK Quiz Questions is a set of trivia having hundred Multiple Choice GK quiz questions. It is a free online interactive Bharat GK Quiz Game on Geography, History, Mahatma Gandhi, Map, Cities, States in Bharat, Cricket, Olympics, Food & Culture. Know about its current affairs, Mythology, cinema and sports. It is expected from every that he should get 100% marks in this GK quiz. There are some basic GK quiz questions and some tough ones. Did you know that is the world's oldest and continuous civilization. It is the largest democratic nation in world. The number zero was invented in Bharat (invented by Aryabhatta). Do you know that bharat has over 350,000 active mosques which are more than the Muslim world countries. It is the only country that have built a super computer indeigenously on its own. Hindustan has biggest Railway network of world and the largest post office system too. The The Baily Bridge located in Ladakh valley is the highest bridge in the world. Yoga is originated in Bharat. These are some cool facts that every Bhartiya need to know. This GK quiz gives you many more facts in the format of learn GK quiz. Play, Gain and share.

Which is the national Anthem of india ?

Jana Gana Mana
Vande Mataram
Jai Ho
Jai Hind

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What is the is the national motto of India ?

Love Alone Triumphs
Human Alone Triumphs
Truth Alone Triumphs
India Alone Triumphs

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Who is Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces ?

General of the India Army
Chief of armed forces
President of India
Prime minister of India

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Which is the governing body for cricket in India ?

Cricket Control Board of India
Board of Control for Cricket in India
Indian Cricket Control Board
Indian Board for Cricket in India

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Identify this famous Indian businessman ?

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Mukesh Ambani
Lakshmi Mittal
Ratan Tata
Anil Ambani

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What is the meaning of INS in terms of Indian Navy ?

Indian New Shipyard
Indian Naval Ship
Indian Naval Safety
Indian New Ship

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Who said "Do or Die" during the time of India's freedom struggle ?

Jawahar Lal Nehru
Ghandhi Ji
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Subhash Chandra Bose

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What is the another name of Howrah Bridge, Kolkata ?

Indira gandhi setu
MG Setu
Vivekananda Setu
Rabindra Setu

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The famous tourist destination"Konark" is located in which district ?


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Jantar Mantar was built by whom ?

Maharaja Sawan Singh
Maharaja Jai Singh
Maharaja Veer Singh
Maharaja Dhan Singh

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