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Cow General Knowledge Quiz Questions

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Cow General Knowledge Quiz Questions. The world record for the heaviest bull was 1,740 kg (3,840 lb), a Chianina named Donetto, when he was exhibited at the Arezzo show in 1955.

What is the scientific name of Cow ?

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Bos primigenius

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What is the weight of new born cow ?

10 to 20 kg
15 to 25 kg
20 to 40 kg
25 to 45 kg

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What is the full form of FAO (in reference of cow) ?

Food and Agriculture Organization
Financial Aid Office
Foreign Area Officer
Food and Agriculture Office

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How many compartments are in the stomach of cow ?


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As estimated, how many cattle (cow) are in the world today (April 2013) ?

0.8 Billion
1.3 Billion
1.8 Billion
2.4 Billion

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What is the average sleep time of a domestic cow ?

2 Hours a day
4 Hours a day
5 Hours a day
7 Hours a day

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What is the age of the oldest known cow ?

25 years
37 years
42 years
48 years

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Cows are domesticated since

About 5,000 years
About 3,000 years
About 5,800 years
About 3,200 years

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How cows came to America ?

With the Indian
With the Russian
With the Pilgrims
With the Businessman

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The average cow drinks about _________ of water and can eat over 100 pounds of feed per day. Fill in the blank.

10 gallons
25 gallons
35 gallons
40 gallons

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