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2014 General Knowledge GK Quiz Questions with Answers

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What is General Knowledge ?

General Knowledge is defined as the information related to the wide range of topics rather than the detailed knowledge of a particular subject. It is the knowledge that is available to anyone irrespective of any difference. General knowledge is a very important component of human intelligence.

What major General Knowledge topics are covered in BriskInfo ?

BriskInfo have a Goal to cover all topics which come under the General Knowledge. Till now we have covered 50 thousand gk quiz questions under around 250 categories. These categories are grouped under major topics like General Awareness, Unites States of America, World Sports, Science, Telecommunication, Glamour World, Lovely Birds, Animals - Pet and Wild, Olympics, Tourist Destination, Universities, Postal Services, Defence, World Festivals, World Organizations, World Countries, India, Personalities, God and Programming.

Most important quiz questions have a link of debate where you can discuss more on this topic.

How BriskInfo quizzes will help you ?

Most of the questions in each BriskInfo quiz has a detailed explaination. BriskInfo will help you in the preparation of interview, competitive examination and various entrance tests. You will earn 10 points for each correct answer and minus 10 points for each wrong one.

Top Weekly Quiz Categories

General Quizzes section has the mixed questions which are independent of any category. Play this trivia to test your basic knowledge
Newspaper Quizzes section provides the gk facts of the invention, history and the first use of newspapers around the world.
Smartphone Quizzes section have the facts related to first smartphone in the world, smartphone markets, phone features, iphone, android, blackberry and handsets.
Television Trivia section have the gk questions related to its inventor, invention, history, models and broadcasting.
Logos Trivia section is an image quiz. In this quiz you have been provided with different logos of different brands and companies.

Image of the day: Discover History

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