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General Knowledge is defined as the information related to the wide range of topics rather than the detailed knowledge of a particular subject. The knowledge that is available to everyone irrespective of any difference.


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Cambridge UniversityCambridge University
Founded in 1209, University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university located in Cambridge city of England. The University is the second oldest university in the english speaking nations, otherwise it is the third oldest surviving university in the world. The Universit has 31 constituent colleges with over 100 academic departments which are organised into six Schools. The University of Cambridge is rich in history - its famous Colleges and University buildings attract visitors from all over the world. But the University's museums and collections also hold many treasures which give an exciting insight into some of the scholarly activities, both past and present, of the University's academics and students. The University of Cambridge is one of the world's oldest universities and leading academic centres, and a self-governed community of scholars. Its reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known world-wide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students, as well as the world-class original research carried out by the staff of the University and the Colleges. Many of the University's customs and unusual terminology can be traced to roots in the early years of the University's long history, and this booklet looks to the past to find the origins of much that is distinctive in the University of today.
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